Reducing energy consumption is a key performance indicator of modern boiler rooms. Simoneau economizers comme in two designs.

Bare tube economizers feature an inlet and an outlet header, connected by a bundle of bare tubes.

Finned tube economizers share the construction of bare economizers. However, the tube fins are exposed to the hot flue gases, increasing the heating surface per linear foot of tubes and resulting in a more compact unit. The finned tube condensing economizer is built with stainless steel tubes and components.

High-quality equipment with proven reliability
Efficiency gain genertaing cost savings
Custom designs
Designed as per ASME Code (Section 1 or Section 8)
Design pressure up to 1,500 psig
Fin options based on fuel type: shape of fin, number of fins per inch, height of fins
Includes valves (insulation valves, vent valve, relief valve and drain valve)
Counter flow design to maximize efficiency
Optional soot blower for oil firing or wood residues firing
Local sourcing of material