Electric steam boiler (high pressure or low pressure)


Engineered to deftly handle today’s industrial steam and heating needs for various sectors, the eVolta® is Simoneau’s innovative electric steam boiler designed to help you reach your decarbonization goals.

The eVolta®, the electric boiler of the future, incorporates all the features needed to generate high-grade steam quality while eliminating the risk of carryover. The flanges are positioned in the boiler as such to ensure optimal steam generation.

By leveraging Canada’s great capacity in industrial electric systems, electrification solutions and hydroelectric engineering, our experienced, multidisciplinary team offers you an electric boiler solution that incorporates the latest innovations and complies with the industry’s strictest manufacturing standards.

Whether you’re looking for a reliable energy supply source for an entire industrial sector or to access industrial-grade heat, you’re tapping into maximized energy efficiency with the eVolta® and actively reducing your carbon footprint thanks in part to its dual energy capacity – allowing you for example to use your building’s energy source for the ramping-up process or for overnight standby maintenance.

No greenhouse gas emissions, helping you achieve your decarbonization goals. Allows you to use clean energy made in Canada.

Coefficient of performance (COP) of 0.99 over the entire operating range, with infinitely variable modulation. For peak power management, the eVolta® allows you to generate energy at lower cost.

Designed by a multidisciplinary team with over 30 years’ experience in designing and manufacturing industrial energy generation equipment. Manufactured in our plant based in Canada, maximizing local parts/materials and in-house technical support. Factory-tested and CSA SPE 1000 certified before delivery.

A perfect combination between boiler and components for optimal performance. GSI caries an inventory of components to quickly supply flanges, reducing in turn downtime. Components are soldered to the flanges to eliminate the possibility of leaks during operations, ensuring longer shelf life.

No need for chimneys or fuel supply piping, allowing for optimal maneuvering in the boiler room. Also, no condensate to manage.

The eVolta® has no moving parts. It’s ideal for healthcare centres and schools, among others.

The eVolta®’s heating elements can be easily accessed and replaced. No combustion and no moving parts ensure easy and low-cost maintenance.

Control and safety elements shop-mounted and tested
Sturdy lifting lugs for safe handling
Aluminium outer casing
Large access door for easy inspection and maintenance
Industrial grade support structure
Inconel elements (copper and stainless steel available upon request) with a maximum watt density of 75 W:sq. in.
Pressure vessel designed per latest edition of the ASME code with its own Canadian Registration Number (C.R.N.)
2" high-density insulation with air spacing to minimize heat loss
Low-pressure steam (≤ 15 psi)High-pressure steam (≤ 150 psi)
Capacity from 80 to 3660 kWRadiation losses (≤ 70 W/m2)
Minimum boiling density (3 lb/(hr*pi 2 *psia)Control panel (NEMA 12)
Steam quality (99.5%)GHGs saved per hour of use (study in progress)
Registered at the National Board (NB)Container and components ASME and CRN compliant
Packaging, panel and controls CSA and UL compliant
CONTROLSFull range / choice of controls
FUELVoltage 208V to 575V
EMISSIONS0 emission
SOURCINGLocal sourcing of material