Dealing with shifting power needs the moment they arise

The bottom line: When you need a boiler to keep up with your building’s steam production or high-temp hot water generator, whether you’re operating a manufacturing plant, hospital or hotel, yet you’re limited in space, Simoneau’s design-built mobile boiler rooms are the portable energy solution you’re looking for.

Mobile boiler rooms. Shifting power

Energy in motion

Usually set on single skid for easy manoeuvrability, a mobile boiler room functions in essence as an external containerized solution that you can move from one section of your processing or power plant to the next in order to meet various production purposes.

Their lower profile, specifically designed to save on transportation costs and other issues, is not indicative of loss of power, efficiency or reliability. In fact, Simoneau’s innovative low-profile mobile technology, Nomad, is the only unit in its category to meet higher power demands.


Provisional energy

Unit 3 of your plant needs power while unit 1 is temporality inoperative? Simple! Just have your mobile boiler moved to where you need it. Need additional or provisional power for unit 2? Get the highly capable boiler experts at Simoneau to outfit you with a mobile solution that does the trick.

These types of turnkey design-built solutions are usually considered permanent fixtures but are in fact made to be transported when necessary.

The Business Perspective
  • Multipurpose cost-efficient boiler option
  • Energy redundancy
  • Replacement and temporary replacement solution
  • Low footprint option
From the Engineering Desk
  • Strong QA conducted in a controlled environment
  • Value engineering dealing with our experts
  • Meet safety and quality standards and guidelines
  • Reach performance, operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness objectives
Operations & Maintenance
  • Easy manoeuvrability
  • Minimum security and hygiene issues (fewer people onsite)
  • Durable equipment (built to last)
  • Locally sourced, inventoried and catalogued components (can be quickly replaced)
  • Simoneau design-built guarantee