Low Water Content Boilers

Low volume, continuous energy

Designed to hold small amounts of water in its heat exchangers in order to leverage and balance out various heating needs, low-water content boilers, as of recent, have been the go-to for various commercial applications due in part for their efficiency and practicality in terms of operations.

At Simoneau, our flexible tube steam boiler offers a low-water content option (a technology aptly suited to comply with the province of Ontario’s building regulations) that generates industrial-quality steam using the lowest-energy consumption in the industry.

Maverick Watertube Steam Boiler
Maverick Watertube Steam Boiler
Low WaterVolume High Pressure Steam Boiler
O-Type Construction
Water/Glycol Mixture and Thermal Fluid Heater
Up to 66,95 MM Btu/hr (Water)
Up to 70,000 PPH (Steam)
15 to 650 psig
Low footprint
Low total cost of ownership (TCO)