“The bottom line: Extraordinary circumstances call for unconventional workarounds. The same principle applies to boilers and boiler equipment when you either need them scaled to fit a certain size or adapted to a specific hybrid fuel. At Simoneau, thanks in part to our extensive engineering experience, nothing stands in our way when it comes to providing innovative custom boiler solutions.”

Liviu Beldianu - Engineering Manager

Outfitted with state-of-the-art infrastructure and strong technical skills, Simoneau’s engineering team doesn’t back down when faced with an engineering challenge/pain point. In fact, Simoneau is one of the few boiler companies of its calibre that knows how to masterfully take on custom heavy design projects.


Out-of-the box energy solutions

From manufacturing custom boiler ancillary equipment, including dearators, pump skids, economizers and chimneys, to building a boiler that can fit through narrow entryways; Simoneau’s engineering team of 25 members, which include design engineers, engineers draftsmen and professional managers, can provide the custom solution you need to power and heat your organization.

Simoneau’s key advantage? We know all the inner workings of a boiler room, including the equipment that balance steam flow, piping sizing, handrails, safety, performance and cost efficiency. Our approach to value engineering is what allows us to custom design everything and to meticulously assemble it by hand from top to bottom.

From large-scale heat recovery boilers to wood-burning boilers, to standard applications such as firetubes and water-tubes, we drive innovation and incorporate the latest boiler room technology when undertaking custom engineering projects.

The Business Perspective

Out-of-the box custom boiler solutions

Large-scale custom projects (heavy design)

Cost efficiency (dealing with one single company)

Access to boiler engineers, manufacturers and transportation experts

From the Engineering Desk

Value engineering dealing with our experts

Custom designs to meet your initial specifications

Extensive documentation

Compliance with safety and quality standards

Operations & Maintenance

Durable equipment (built to last)

Locally sourced, inventoried and catalogued components (can be quickly replaced)

Simoneau design-built guarantee