Simoneau thermal deaerator is a water deaerating system and direct contact heat exchanger. Water is injected in a bath of steam in a counter-flow arrangement, allowing oxygen reduction to .005 ml/liter (7 PPB) and elimination of CO2. System heats water up to 228°F when operating at 5 psig.

Significantly extends the life of the boiler
Custom configuration, controls and feed water pump options
Packaged systems for cost-effective installation
Cost savings through minimized chemical treatment and extended boiler life
Capacities: 10,000 PPH to 600,000 PPH
Spray-type deaerators with horizontal, vertical and dual-compartment (DA and surge tank) designs
Skid- or saddle-mounted, completely piped and wired with instrumentation and pumps
Low-profile design
Stainless steel deaeration assembly
Two-stage deaeration in common vessel
Removable spray assembly
Built of corrosion-resistant alloys to ASME Code (Section VIII)
Local sourcing of material