Containerized Boiler Room



The bottom line: The Scout, like its namesake, is always ready to “leap into action” and provide power when you need it the most, whether you’re looking to maintain operations, increase efficiency or simply avoid downtime. In a Scout, everything you need from a boiler is neatly and securely contained for your convenience and operational safety.

Compact size, big energy

Completely wrapped in sturdy metal panels to protect your personnel and patrons from exposure to high temperatures, the Scout is in essence a complete boiler room solution set in an intermodal container. It can easily be transported from one operational unit to the next or used as a permanent fixture, both within a facility or on the side of a building.

The Scout, entirely customized to meet your energy needs, is an innovative, sturdy “plug-n’-play” solution that not only ensures your peace of mind but also helps to keep things running smoothly.


The right skillset, a dedicated team of specialists

All Scout models are custom-built and thoroughly tested in-house at Simoneau and designed to incorporate state-of-the-art controls and a complete electrical and piping setup. The entire fabrication process is handled by our knowledgeable team of boiler experts, including engineers, electricians and plumbing technicians.


High-caliber equipment in a container

The Scout also functions as a scalable, stand-alone solution that can be adapted to most of Simoneau’s innovative and high-performing boilers to meet your energy or steam production needs. Setting up a Scout means you also have access to the most innovative auxiliary boiler equipment on the market, including deaerators and economizers.

With a Scout standing by, you can rest easy knowing you have on hand one of the safest and efficient containerized boiler room solutions on the market for commercial and industrial applications.