The bottom line: Don’t have the available space in your plant to house an efficient boiler room? Or maybe you need additional energy to remain fully operational on an ongoing basis? An external containerized boiler room is the magic silver bullet you’re looking for.

Manufactured to contain a boiler that can go up to 1500 BHP (ex. Spark), Simoneau’s containerized boiler rooms come fully prefabricated according to spec and securely wrapped in a sea container that can withstand the elements.

They’re specifically designed to minimize fabrication cost and function as a permanent fixture that’s outfitted for the outdoors and can suit your building’s colour code requirements.

These multi-skid boiler rooms are the perfect solution for power plants that don’t have the space within their own building for a boiler or that are looking for auxiliary power.

Not only can they be easily hoisted in place using industrial cranes, they can be temporality moved to another location if you ever decide to rebuild your structure.

Focus on the bigger picture with simplified engineering design


At Simoneau, we believe in making everyone’s life easier when it comes to design-built solutions. That’s why the skid components our containerized boiler rooms are designed to function as customized puzzle pieces made to fit to a T, allowing in turn your team engineer and operator to put all their efforts in other aspects of the plant’s operational needs.


Plug n’ play your new boiler construction


Dealing with Simoneau means never having to think about the boiler, especially when it comes to a containerized solution project. Get the power you need within 10 connections. Consider it our pledge.

The Business Perspective

Access to an auxiliary boiler

Low footprint option

Lower fabrication cost

Replacement and temporary replacement solution

From the Engineering Desk

Modular construction approach

Strong QA conducted in a controlled environment

Value engineering dealing with our experts

Compliance with safety and quality standards

Operations & Maintenance

Continuous operational efficiency within budget expectations

Minimized security and hygiene issues (fewer people onsite)

Durable equipment (built to last)

Locally sourced, inventoried and catalogued components (can be quickly replaced)