Simoneau's Firetube Boiler

At Simoneau, we’ve always believed in providing our clients with the most efficient energy solution for every situation, while keeping your total cost of ownership low. When the job calls for a firetube option, we’ve got what you’re looking for.

The budget-friendly energy solution that’s been around the block

Dealing with Simoneau’s VALIANT® firetube boiler is like being greeted by a familiar first responder on the scene that gets the job done. It’s a less-expensive, easy-to-produce steam boiler, thanks in part to its simple design, and an attractive entry-point solution for manufacturers looking to maximize on their maintenance and operational costs.

It’s sometimes difficult to control the quality of the feedwater or to rely on qualified operators. With the VALIANT® on your side, you have the opportunity to tackle your immediate energy needs with a custom Simoneau design that supports your current constraints.

What’s going on in there?

Completely ASME code compliant, the VALIANT® firetube boiler design itself is made up of a cylindrical package containing a series of longitudinal tubes in which the flue gas passes through in order to heat the water located in the boiler’s shell. “Fire” inside the tubes, water outside, allowing in turn for heat to be conducted directly through the system.

Steam pressure wise, the VALIANT® firetube boiler can reach between 15 and 150 psig, depending on the applications.

Firetube or watertube? The pros and cons

When comparing a firetube steam boiler to a watertube steam boiler, it mainly comes down to affordability, how the units are built, boiler footprint and required maintenance space and, more importantly, boiler room security.

By design, a firetube boiler’s vessel carries up to six or seven times the amount of water compared to a watertube boiler which makes it more susceptible to medium and large load swings. Because of that larger volume of water, a firetube boiler also takes more time and energy to get online from a cold start which makes it difficult to manage batch processing. That amount of time is actually required to help avoid thermal shock to the boiler. A higher volume of water heated at high temperature can also lead to potential hazards.

On the flipside, a firetube’s rigid construction costs less to manufacture and its tubes are easier to replace. It can also process, at times, lower-quality feedwater, helping you in turn to reduce the impact on boiler maintenance, when operating with a deficient water treatment system.

Ultimately, it all comes down to a manufacturer’s specific needs and operation parameters. Our experienced boilermakers can provide you with the boiler that’s right for you. If you’re looking for higher capacity production, the watertube option is better suited for your needs. More compact, more flexible and faster ramp up time; all these features can help you maximize your energy production. And if you’re worried about your feedwater quality, water treatment solutions are now more advanced and reliable than ever.

The Simoneau option that’s right for you

Whether you opt for the VALIANT® firetube boiler or its watertube counterpart, the MAVERICK®, you’ll always benefit from Simoneau’s customized engineering, renowned fabrication skills and quality service. Trust our experts in helping you make the right decision based on your current energy needs, safety measures and operational expenses.