The bottom line: Need more steam to remain operational but looking to keep your total cost of ownership low and avoid having to hire additional maintenance personnel? Simoneau’s “as-a-service” alternative is the ideal hands-off solution that allows you to swiftly manage your business’s ever-changing energy needs and help you remain profitable.

As a business owner with limited operational capacity, you need to take into account that your energy needs will change frequently throughout the years. Ideally, you would know your expenses from year 1 all the way to year 10, while figuring out ways to avoid costly mistakes from the outset.

That’s where Simoneau’s “as-a-service” model comes in; a solution for steam and energy production that’s paid right out of your operating budget which doesn’t require any major financial investment on your part.

For instance, if you’re operating a food processing plant that’s dealing with foreseeable commercial inaccuracy issues, you may not want to put yourself on the line and invest in a boiler room that may incur pricey service fees. It would be considered financially risky. A fixed rate per year as part of your annual maintenance budget would be the way to go…and a way to rectify your business performance concerns.

Not only a turnkey solution in terms of fabrication, Simoneau’s “as-a-service” boilers mean you’re getting the steam you need per year and have access to a long-term maintenance program that ensures your boiler is up to code and serviced regularly. No more worrying about the cost of a boiler burning out on you.

Basically, Simoneau is entirely responsible for the boiler room, including design and installation, and exclusively handles operations on your behalf. What’s in it for you? There’s no capex and you don’t have to hire more staff to complete your maintenance team.

In the long run, it’s a low total cost of ownership solution that provides peace of mind across the board.

The Business Perspective

Fixed budget (one straightforward bill)

Cost stability based on forecasted energy use

No incurred operational fees

No capex

Low total cost of ownership

Operations & Maintenance

Ease of operations

Operational efficiency

Total peace of mind

Durable equipment (built to last)

Locally sourced, inventoried and catalogued components (can be quickly replaced)

Simoneau design-built guarantee

Extended warranty