Authorized Boiler Parts Manufacturers

We are as strong as the technology we endorse. Our boiler systems are made with the most advanced boiler equipment in the world. The proximity and collaboration with the chosen manufacturers, support our objective to build high-performance and custom boiler systems. Together we reinvent power generation.

Preferred logo

Preffered’s line of boiler burners, both for commercial and industrial applications, are designed for optimal performance and combustion efficiency. Backed by industry experience spanning more than 100 years, Preferred’s burners, which also burn clean, ecofriendly and renewable fuel oils, can help you meet sustainability targets and reduce your facility’s carbon footprint.

Asco logo

ASCO offers suites of fluid automation products and services adapted to the industrial and environmental requirements of our clients’ projects.

Autoflamme logo

Since 1968, Autoflame has been at the forefront of comprehensive burner control technology for industrial and commercial boilers. Their line of solutions includes advanced control systems that allow you to virtually manage your burners from a touchscreen. The Autoflame name stands today on a solid foundation of boiler house expertise.

Crane logo

Backed by years of technical expertise on all types of valves and applications, Crane has on hand an extensive selection of industrial-grade valves (brass ball, cast steel, iron) designed to maximize a boiler system’s performance and efficiency. The pros at Crane value technical and engineering innovation.

Emerson logo

Emmerson is a world renowned process automation and control products and instrumentation provider.

Grundfos logo

When it comes to reducing a boiler’s overall system pressure drop, Grundfos is the go-to resource for top quality valve solutions. Part of Grundfos’ line includes products with a built-in bypass valve, allowing for drainage of water upstream of the check valve, and features that can change the flange orientation to allow 90° pipe connection. As a socially responsible company, Grundfos is committed to manufacturing sustainable products and solutions.

Honeywell logo

Boiler combustion management has never been more efficient than with Honeywell’s range of burner control solutions. Equipped with advanced software and optimally designed sensors, switches and gauges, Honeywell’s burner controls can help you remain cost-efficient, improve performance issues and provide peace of mind from an operational point of view. Honeywell has more than 100 years of innovation under its belt.

Mc Donnell & Miller logo

McDonnell & Miller low water cut-offs are  designed to protect steam and hot water boilers from the hazards of a low water levels.

Oilon logo

Known for its performance efficiency and reliability, Oilon’s line of low-emission burners for various liquid and gaseous fuels seamlessly integrates to boiler technology, offering a capacity range of 12 kW to 90 MW. Oilon has made its mark on the boiler industry with its energy efficiency and renewable solutions.

Winters logo

Winters is an established manufacturer of boiler instrumentation. Pressure gauges, switches and thermometers are a sample of a wide selection of products often integrated in our boiler solutions.

From standard burners to custom engineered solutions, Limpsfield stands out as a key industrial burner manufacturer thanks in part to its years of experience and commitment to quality. Limpsfield’s burners are designed for alternative or simultaneous firing of all types of gaseous fuels and mineral fuel oils, for a range of applications from 1 to 100 MMBtu/hr.

Weishaupt produces gas and oil-fired boilers, heat pumps, and burners. These top-quality products are characterised by their meticulous development, high-quality workmanship, outstanding operational reliability, and maximum Efficiency . Their unrivalled excellence extends equally to design and function.

From gas, oil, combination gas/oil, low NOx burners to combustion control systems for commercial, industrial and process applications, Power Flame’s products are a testament to environmentally conscious designs and manufactured using high-quality materials by dedicated professionals that value continuous research, meeting in turn your energy efficiency needs and keeping your total cost of ownership low.