Nancy Simoneau

Some years ago, I dedicated myself to inspiring people who want to keep moving forward. With my boldness and positive attitude, I help make Simoneau a great place for them to enjoy their jobs and realize their career goals.


Stéphane Lemay

To be part of the Simoneau team is to progress in a very stimulating environment.  The know-how, passion and innovation gives a unique and enriching experience to our clients.

Branch Manager

Dany Petitpas

Do it right the first time, everywhere, at any time; this is what drives us continually to excel ourselves in our business processes.

Quality Assurance Manager

Mélanie Grenier

"Thinking the impossible" is a daily occurrence at Simoneau. There is nothing impossible when everyone gives their all!

Human Resources Manager

Liviu Beldianu

Similar to our equipment, our Engineering team must be able to work under high pressure and at full capacity, to ensure the best performance.

Engineering Manager
Pascal Bergeron

The effort and energy invested daily by the whole team, along with the confidence and recognition the company gives to all its employees, result in a passion shared by all. From my first day at Simoneau, I knew that this company offered me not only a job, but also a very promising future.

Pierre Martel

Working at Simoneau means being part of a group of people who eagerly want to make things happen. You will enjoy the trust and support of management and job satisfaction in a dynamic environment.
Simoneau is intense but it is well worth it.

General Manager
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Boiler Craftsmen

Because every part counts and every soldered joint makes a difference, you can rely on a team of skilled manufacturers who are dedicated to delivering long-lasting and high-performance boilers.

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Have you ever wondered who is behind all our our innovative solutions? Twelve skilled engineers driven by the same desire: to build high-performance boilers designed to meet every market demand. Where there is a need for power, there is a Simoneau engineer.

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