A Road to Carbon Neutrality


The bottom line: At Simoneau, we make it a point to provide the most efficient steam production solution. For our team of experienced engineers, that also means coming up with the most sustainable energy making option. How do we go about it? We avoid easy temporary fixes and quick workarounds. For us, sustainability is just as much about long-term savings and cost-efficiency as it is about carbon footprint reduction. Every step counts.

As boiler experts driven by due diligence, we believe environmental standards and courses of action that lead to the best operational sustainable measures go hand in hand. It’s the driving force behind every project we undertake; it even influences our technology and procedures.


Fuel efficiency

Among other things, ensuring sustainable energy making at Simoneau is about having on hand the boiler industry’s most innovative equipment and instrumentation in terms of fuel efficiency. That includes modern controls combined with state-of-the-art burners, boilers equipped with condensation economizers and intelligent burners adapted to steam production needs.


Buying local

Local sourcing (in the U.S. and in Canada, where possible) and using durable materials that require less servicing to design topnotch boiler rooms are also other ways where we manage to promote ecofriendly processes in line with sustainable energy making.


Sustainable engineering

Sustainable energy making is even displayed in our ingenuity, thanks in part to the Maverick. This steam boiler that comes with an integrated economizer is considered the most efficient of its kind on the North American market. In fact, adding a second economizer to the Maverick can increase your fuel efficiency by as much as 95%, which allows you in turn to take advantage of every ounce of energy your system produces.


A good dose of common sense

And what about the differences between using biomass and biogas fuels? Which type is more ecofriendly? Our team of experts can determine the option that best meets your steam production needs and operational sustainable measures.

In the long run, when you’re producing sustainable energy your saving money and doing the right thing for the planet. When you deal with Simoneau, you get access to the right equipment with the right lifecycles and unparalleled boiler innovation to do just that.


Joining the circular economy movement

Circular economy isn’t just a fad. It is a direct response to natural resources prices and economic volatility. Recent uncertainties have confirmed the need to review our energy production methods.

Discover the possibilities of heat recovery solutions and join the circular economy movement.

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Circular Economy

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