Significantly extend the life of your boiler

Simoneau is a manufacturer of industrial equipment that provides high energy efficiency. Our products are designed and manufactured entirely in our factory. Regardless of your need, we can design and custom-fit equipment thanks to our team of engineers and 30 years of expertise in the industry.

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Expend the life of your boiler with Simoneau thermal deaerator. Custom configuration available with optional controls and feed water pump. Packaged systems for cost-effective installation.
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High-quality economizer that will provide cost savings while gaining efficiency. Custom design with finned or bare tubes for all specific requirements. Optional soot blower available.
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Removes accumulated dirt at the bottom of the boiler with Simoneau's blowdown tank. It meets environmental regulations in accordance with ASME Code (Section VIII, Division 1).
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Blowdown Tank
Save energy, recover condensate returns and add fresh water to meet boiler or deaerator water requirements. Our large inventory of condensate tanks are designed, manufactured and assembled with many components.
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Condensate Tank
Increase efficiency and reduce costs. Inventory of more than 300,000 linear feet of SA-178A tubes to quickly meet your demands. Available tube diameters range from 1.25 inches to 3 inches.
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Boiler Tubes
Water columns manufactured by Simoneau meet applicable ASME codes. They are electrode type and include water-level gauge glasses.
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Water Column
Simoneau's superheaters are design as per ASME code section 1 using high quality tube materials such as SA213-T11 / T22. Tube diameters may vary from 1 1/4" to 2 1/2" depending on customer's need.
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