The Boiler Dr. is in

When was the last time you checked your boiler room’s health?


The bottom line: When it comes to the condition of your boiler, it’s best to remember the old adage “It’s always better to be safe than sorry.” It’s a saying that resonates particularly strongly within operators that may be too swamped to oversee a boiler room’s regular maintenance schedule. Take note; sooner or later, without periodic maintenance, small issues can snowball into a catastrophic and costly predicament, leaving you without a functioning boiler room, or even worse, with prolonged downtime. In the end, keeping up with your boiler’s health is more about keeping your patrons and workers safe.

Todd Moore - Boiler Expert

Humanizing the boiler experience, inside and out

As dedicated boiler experts, we’ve gone the extra mile when it comes to boiler maintenance at Simoneau; we approach the entire audit experience the same way a medical professional would assess an individual’s overall health.

During an audit, we take into account the age of a boiler in relation to its performance levels. We also take the time to analyze the boiler’s inner instrumentation while examining the refurbishments that were previously conducted by other specialists. We make it a point to get familiar with the equipment, especially with the technology, and with all the boiler operators that use the system on a regular basis.

It’s all about humanizing the boiler audit experience; ensuring not only that the boiler is safe, but that everyone that it comes into contact with it is also safe.


Maintaining your boiler’s efficiency and preserving its lifespan

Just like with your own body during a medical checkup, every boiler room is different and requires a set checklist to ensure that it’s in good working condition and operating at optimal levels. From the outside, everything may look good, but once you dig deeper (through thorough analysis), you may find a few unwanted surprises. Just because your boiler looks as if it’s in good condition and good working order, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is.

At Simoneau, we’ve come up with a comprehensive and safe preventive maintenance program designed to help operators avoid hidden complications of all types.

Our preventive maintenance program is set up to get a general overview of your boiler’s condition, inside and out, assess potential problems and offer suitable remedies, allowing you in turn to save money, take advantage of an extended warranty, align yourself with circular economy initiatives and, more importantly, do what you do best; take care of the boiler room.

Here’s what our boiler experts assess when conducting an audit on a boiler and its auxiliary equipment:

  • Are water treatments regularly administered?
  • How frequent is the boiler room dusted and cleaned?
  • At what capacity is the boiler performing (testing)?
  • When was the last time the controls were refurbished?
  • Is the boiler room regularly manned by certified personnel?
  • Is the combustion process optimal?
  • At what rate/capacity is the boiler producing steam/heating?
  • Is the electric system in good working order?
  • What is the condition of the tubing and the circuits?
  • Is the boiler’s skin still holding up/chipped?
  • What is the temperature of the skin?