We are entrusted with a mission to innovate. The recent modernization of our fabrication facilities allows us to materialize the most advanced concepts in boiler room manufacturing. Real-time engineering, gains in efficiency, precision and quality are a few cutting edge advantages that contribute directly in delivering our clients projects.

Pascal Bergeron - Director, Fabrication
  • lifting capacity of 30T (with no real limit)
  • 18′ height under the rolling bridge
  • rolling capacity of 1/2″ X 10′
  • bending capacity of 3/8″ X 12′ width
  • high definition plasma cutting table of 10′ X 20′
  • pipe bending capacity of 11/4″ @ 3″ , X 44′ width, unlimited bending radius
  • cutting edge submerged arc welding, double rod,  up to 8″ thickness
  • specialized in mild steel, alloy steel and stainless steel