Water Tube Steam Boiler, coil type

The AQT Water Tube Steam Boiler with flexible tubes is an O-type construction with gas-tight, welded steel innercasing, water cooled rear wall, staggered bent tube convection section, ceramic wool front wall and optional integrated finned tube economizer. Simoneau’s AQT Water Tube applications include high & low pressure steam & thermal liquid.

Typical industries include manufacturing & processing facilities, pulp & paper, petrochemical, pharmaceuticals, hospitals, universities and ethanol plants.


  • Capacities:  100 BHP to1 200 BHP;
  • Design pressures:15 psig to 650 psig;
  • Radiant & convective type super heaters with temperatures up to 750ºF;
  • Two pass flue gas contact with staggered tube arrangement for maximum heat transfer;
  • Superiors team quality using proprietary separation technology with a large steam drum;
  • Operates with natural gas or #2 oil;
  • Meets or exceeds NOx Emission Standards while providing high turndown ratio.
  • Natural boiler water circulation eliminating the need for a circulating pump;
  • Integrated economizer provides efficiency to 85% firing natural gas with a feed water temperature of 180°F and when firing natural gas.


  • High efficiency provides significant fuel savings;
  • Minimizes installation and maintenance costs;
  • Reliable source of high quality, dry saturated steam up to1ppm;
  • Extensive capacity range and excellent long-term reliability to meet commercial, industrial and institutional applications;
  • Provides quick load response;
  • Low operating and reduced maintenance costs;
  • Boiler system components (burner, controls, economizer and emissions options) designed specifically to provide ease of operation.